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The Perfect Recruitment

I am sure that most of you are aware of, or may have seen, the George Clooney film "The Perfect Storm", where different elements all came together to produce "The Perfect Storm".

Well in my opinion here is a recent example of  "The Perfect Recruitment"...

A new company calls me on the Friday to ask if we can help fill a role that they have previously struggled with. The HR lady tells me the job title and a few details about the role and, in principle, it seems as if it is certainly a role that we could help with. We agree that I will send her our Standard Terms and Conditions and she will send me the full brief and we'll speak again later.

I send the Ts and Cs and whilst I'm waiting to receive their information I undertake  a company search and risk assessment of the company as a potential client. Not a company that I had heard of but well established with a steady turnover and certainly looks good for the fee, if we are successful. I notice a large dividend taken out of the business in 2013, delve a bit deeper and see that the company is under new ownership since last year. Okay no alarms but a question to be asked.

The full brief comes in and I don't see any insurmountable concerns, so we have another discussion and the HR lady explains that the new owners are from overseas and looking to increase business substantially over the next few years, hence the requirement. She explained what they were looking for in the candidate and that they had been working with another 3 agencies. We agreed our fees, a bit less than our standard ones but fair, and she arranges for me to have a telephone call with the hiring manager on the following Wednesday.

Before the Wednesday call we start our searching, usual stuff...our database, job boards, LinkedIn and our extensive network and we end up with 60 'potential' candidates and start contacting them to see if they are looking for new opportunities, what they are looking for in the new job, company, location, salary etc. Wednesday comes and the hiring manager telephones me and gives me a great overview of what the plans are for the next three years, what they are trying to achieve within the department, the type of personality they are looking for and why they have had problems previously.

Armed with all this information, and having done a lot of ground work before the call, I think we have some good candidates. I have further conversations with possible candidates that I had shortlisted and a couple seem to fit the bill. I send them the brief and link to the company's website (I know that some in recruitment will cringe at that but, for me, it is not just about a job but also about the organisation that you are going to. How can you make an informed decision if you don't know who the job is with?).

One is currently temping and looking for a permanent role, the other is not actively looking but would like a career move as she doesn't see any long term future where she currently is. She has already told me what industry she wants to stay in, the type of role that she is looking for, the location and salary that she is seeking, which is more than the company are offering. The role is exactly what the candidate is looking for and the candidate is exactly what the client is looking for, the only problem is salary. So I speak with the HR lady explain that I have an ideal candidate but although the candidate is prepared to come down from her salary expectations she couldn't drop to the level of the salary on offer.

The HR lady doesn't think that there is any scope to increase the salary but we agreed that I'd send her some details about the candidates experience, without providing past employer names, confirming her minimum salary expectations and she will discuss with her managers. She comes back within a couple of hours to say that they are interested in her profile. I speak with both shortlisted candidates again and both confirm their interest and authorise me to forward their details to the company.

The following morning, one week after the initial telephone call from the company, I forward both candidates CV's across. The company contact me later that afternoon saying they would like to interview both candidates on the following Tuesday. I confirmed with both candidates their availability and interview times agreed. Monday evening the temping candidate contacts me to advise that she had received an offer of a permanent position where she is currently temping and would not, therefore, be attending the interview the next day. No problems and I advised the company first thing Tuesday morning of her cancellation. The interview with the other candidate proceeded and all seemed to go very well. So well in fact  the next day I received a call from the company to advise me that they have an offer signed off at her required salary level. I contacted the candidate with the news, she was absolutely delighted and accepted the offer immediately.

Why is this "The Perfect Recruitment"?

Because the communication from all parties was absolutely spot on. From the client side both the HR lady and line manager were exceptional in providing the right information. When faced with the salary issue they didn't dismiss it but as they considered that this was their ideal candidate, they overcame the problem. Both candidates, even the one who didn't attend as she advised me rather than just not turn up. Finally the agency as, by listening to what had been communicated to us, we found the ideal candidate for the client, the ideal client for the candidate and we get paid for our hard work. So it's a win - win - win.